Other RC Model Vehicle Parts & Accessories

If you are a remote control car enthusiast, it's likely you are always on the lookout for new cars to add to your collection. While there are obviously many different kinds of remote control cars to collect and invest in, petrol remote control cars are often a popular choice for the remote control car enthusiast.

Petrol RC Cars

Petrol RC cars can be a great investment, with some models growing in value over the years. However, to choose the right petrol remote control car means knowing what to look for when buying. With an awesome range of petrol RC cars, eBay provides the perfect place to search, compare and buy new and used models. These models can be up to one metre in length, offering fast driving speeds utilising pull-starter engines and in-built petrol tanks. Look for options that offer four-wheel-drive and fully adjustable suspension, or take a look at scale models of cars such as the Nissan GTR, Holden Camaro or Ford Falcon. There are also models that feature the look of Monster Trucks, 4x4 desert cars and Formula One cars, while others are built specifically for racing.

Children's Cars

Petrol RC cars aren't just for collectors, they can be a great gift for kids too. Driving around in a car just like mum or dad, kids can enjoy a lifelike driving experience using foot pedals and a steering wheel, driving at speeds of up to 6 km/h. These model cars can come with a variety of neat accessories, such as LED headlights and working indicators, as well as radios and speakers that play music via USB flash drive. Choose to let older kids drive themselves, or opt for the remote control option for younger kids who still need a bit more adult guidance.

Time to buy? Whether you're looking for petrol remote control cars as a collector, or you want to buy your child the perfect present for their birthday or Christmas, check out the range of petrol RC cars on eBay. With cars, parts and accessories, eBay is the place to find everything from RC model vehicle parts and accessories to RC model vehicle switches, connectors and wires!