Peelers & Slicers

Kitchen Peelers and Slicers

There are probably a lot of interesting and delicious restaurant style recipes that you would like to try but may have felt that it would be difficult to cut and slice things exactly like the professionals do it. Using a specialised peeler or slicer can make food preparation so much easier, and some tools can also assist with making garnishes to decorate your plates. You no longer need to worry about cutting yourself or awkwardly trying to peel your fruit and vegetables with a knife when they are many great alternatives.

What Kind of Peelers Can I Find?

Just some of the handy peelers available for your kitchen are:

  • Apple peeler: Apple peelers, corers and slicers and be found all together in one great 3-in-1 utensil that will make getting apples ready to eat or to use for cooking a breeze.
  • Vegetable peeler: You need to peel many vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips before eating and to make life easier it's important to have a good quality vegetable peeler. Potato peelers and julienne peelers are very useful items to have in the kitchen and you will get a lot of use out of them. For best use, you should always make sure that blades are sharp so you can always get a clean cut.

What Kind of Slicers Are Available?

Some of the useful slicers that are a great asset to any kitchen are:

  • Mandoline slicer: A kitchen mandoline slicer can be very versatile, and buying one that does lots of different actions is definitely a good investment. You can cut slices of fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, kiwifruit and oranges, and also prepare salad greens and coleslaw.
  • Egg slicer: Hard-boiled eggs are super slippery and you probably know how difficult it is to cut them into slices with a knife. With a dedicated egg slicer, you can have perfect egg slices with one hand movement.
  • Vegetable slicer: There are a few different vegetable slicer options. One is a spiral slicer, which makes spirals out of apples, carrots and cucumbers to put in salads or to use as garnishes. You can also find manual 3-in-1 utensils that can slice, grate and shred many kinds of vegetables.