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Photo Frames

Liven up blank walls and show off your favourite family photos when you place them in photo frames for display. When it comes to home decor, adding frames to your home is the easiest way to create a visually appealing aesthetic, and it's nice seeing your favourite photos on a daily basis. Whether you need a frame for your desk, mantel, or above the TV, there are multiple size and design options available.

At a Good Clip

Photo clips are a trendy and fun way to show off a collection of snapshots. Usually weighted by a block or small sculpture at the bottom, these simple frames offer a clip at the top where you place your picture. They work well for smaller photos, and when you group a few together it creates an engaging display on a desk or countertop. Another way to use photo clips is to mount a length of string from one spot to another, and line up photos on the string, clipping them onto it to create a photo garland that's really cute.

Still Standing

Freestanding photo frames are the most common type of frames available. These often have a stand on the back of the frame so you can set it on any solid surface for display purposes. Available in many sizes and designs, including elegant silver frames, charming wood options, or lightweight plastic, these frames are generally an affordable option for jazzing up any dresser or mantel. Group frames of different sizes but similar colours together, or consider using frames of the same colour but different designs. Mixing and matching the frames and sizes lends a bit more aesthetic appeal to your decor.


There is nothing more boring than an entirely blank wall. Hanging wall-mounted photos on the walls makes your house truly feel like a home. Wall-mounted frames have special hooks on the back, and generally do not include a stand. Meant for wall hanging, these frames easily hang on any wall and look great grouped with other frames. Use them to line a staircase with family photos, or consider mixing up frames of different colours and shapes to line your living room. One cool idea is to choose one colour, such as white, and use a variety of frames in different shapes and sizes with that one colour in mind for a shabby chic look.

By the Numbers

Got a bunch of smaller photos to frame but don't want the hassle of hanging or displaying multiple frames? Frames meant to hold more than one photo are a simple solution. Whether you choose wall-mounted or freestanding options, there are multi-picture photo frames of many sizes available, some holding up to 24 photos or more. Document an entire vacation, your baby's growth, or the holidays all at the same time using a multi-photo frame. They also make good gifts for grandparents or other family members.