Pool Cleaners & Vacuums

Making the Switch to an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Ready to ditch the manual pool cleaning? Explore eBay for a huge range of swimming pool cleaners that will do the hard work for you.

During the summertime, you want to make the most of the warm and sunny months, but sometimes it can seem like it's also in the summertime that we have the most to do. Kids have sports practice, grass needs mowing, and pools need cleaning. An automatic pool cleaner will help you reclaim some of your time that would normally be spent manually ridding your pool of dirt and debris.

Automatic cleaning

An automatic pool cleaner means the difference between spending hours manually vacuuming and simply watching your swimming pool cleaner do it for you. Swimming pool cleaners ensure that your pool is consistently clean, not just clean when you have the time. Able to clean both vertical and horizontal surfaces, swimming pool cleaners leave both the floor and walls of your pool spotless. A consistently clean pool also lets you and your family get the most out of your pool, particularly if you have guests over often during those summer months.

Quiet operation

Robotic pool cleaners are great for a spotless clean without much noise. If your pool is close to your house or garden, a quiet swimming pool cleaner is essential. Swimming pool cleaners typically only give off a soft hum when cleaning, meaning your garden is left for you to enjoy without disruptive noise. A rubber skirt helps keep sound contained as it uses suction to pull leaves, dirt, bugs, and other debris from your water.

Easy to use

Automatic pool cleaners are simple to set up, and even easier to maintain a clean pool. Using a minimal amount of pool vacuum parts, most swimming pool cleaners hook up to your existing filtration system in order to vacuum away bugs, dirt, and debris, so there's no need for extra equipment. Simply hook the hose to your filtration system, set the vacuum, skirt, and collar into the water and watch your pool become sparkling clean.

Spend less time cleaning this summer and more time enjoying your lifestyle. Check out eBay's range of swimming pool cleaners and let your pool sparkle all year long.