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A history of powering cameras

Rollei has been in the business of manufacturing cameras and accessories since 1920, so to say they know a thing or two about quality is an understatement. The German company offers a range of camera accessories, such as lights, filters, tripods and even camera cleaning equipment. However, their range of batteries and chargers is equally impressive.

When you’re preparing to head out for a photography session, whether it’s just for a day or you’re going on holiday, the last thing you want is failing batteries. With Rollei, you can power your cameras, and keep your batteries charged with ease. Don’t take the risk of being left high and dry – check out the vast range of Rollei batteries and chargers here on eBay today!

All the batteries you’ll ever need

Different types of cameras have different types of batteries. From single Li-Ion batteries to larger battery packs, everyone’s needs are different. With Rollei, you can find the perfect battery for your camera, and they’re always rechargeable.

Rollei also has a wide range of battery charging solutions, from standard wall plugs for your home to car charger kits that plug directly into a cigarette lighter. No matter where you are, you can keep your batteries charged up with Rollei.

Battery innovation

Rollei is known for their innovation. In fact, they even won a marketing and innovation award in 2017/2018 for just that. It’s their dedication to further improvement that led to the development of their external battery packs. If you’ve ever been out on a long hike, or travelling for a while and you run out of camera batteries, you’ll know why this is important.

An external battery can help to charge your batteries easily when you’re on the move, without the need for any extra power. So, don’t delay, get shopping with Rollei today!