NRL & Rugby League Equipment

NRL and Rugby League Equipment

Rugby is a very popular contact sport and it requires a variety of different equipment in order to play it. As well as practical rugby equipment to help improve your game, you can also find collectible equipment and jerseys that sport team names and logos from the National Rugby League. Whether you are a player or a fan, you can find rugby league equipment that suits your needs.

NRL and Rugby League Balls

NRL and Rugby league balls are one of the most important pieces of rugby equipment. These balls feature an aerodynamic oblong shape that allows players to throw them impressive distances. Most rugby balls are white, with a brand name or team logo on them, but you can also find them in darker colours.

NRL and Rugby League Clothing

NRL and rugby league clothing mainly consists of jerseys and shorts. You can find jerseys for nearly any NRL team, as well as practical jerseys for active rugby players. These jerseys feature flexible, breathable material and most of them are machine washable.

NRL and Rugby League Boots

NRL and rugby league boots are designed for running on turf. They feature studs on the soles that grip the ground and reduce slippage. They come in leather, as well as synthetic materials. You can find them in black or white, as well as a wide array of bright colours. They are also available with logos from specific NRL teams.

NRL and Rugby League Training Aids

NRL and rugby league training aids are designed to make you a better overall rugby player. One of the most common training aids is sets of cones for setting up training drills. Kicking tees and tackle bags are also popular. These help with mastering some of the fundamentals of rugby. You can even find colourful bibs and vests that make it easy to split up teams during practice sessions.