Running Belts

Running Belts

The once-popular bulky pouches clipped at the waist are no longer your only choice if you like to have your hands free while running. Running belts can be as slender and snug-fitting as possible while still accommodating your essentials. There are many options to choose from in running belts; it pays to research the features you are likely to need before you make your purchase.

Comfort First

It doesn’t matter how convenient your running storage might be, if it is uncomfortable you simply won’t wear it. Make sure your running belt is tight-fitting but not too tight, and that it doesn’t bounce around. The material should be comfortable and non-irritating. It should remain secure to your body so your run is not interrupted.

Space for Storage

If you are looking to tuck a single house key away, a smaller belt or just a pocket should be adequate. However, when running becomes part of your daily schedule, it’s far better to be prepared for assorted eventualities. On the road for a few hours, you will probably wish to bring along your phone, earphones, keys, energy gel, a bank card, in case you stop at the shops, and, of course, water. Make a list, then find a belt which holds all the items.

Belt Material

Aside from being comfortable, the material of your running belt will make a difference to your run and how safe your items are as you go. Most are made of synthetic options, so choose one that is made from mesh or has sweat absorption properties. The items inside your belt should be kept safe, so waterproofing is important. The size and placement of padding will help protect you and your items from rubbing together during use.

Belt Design That Works

Choosing a colour that works for you might seem superficial, but there are many reasons why you might need a running pouch that fits into a certain theme. If your workout clothes or running team have specific colours, it’s best that your belt fits in. Running belts are also available in reflective material, so if you run at night it could be part of the running safety reflective gear that helps keep you visible in the dark.