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Get Your Bike Equipped With Shimano Bike Components

Whether you enjoy biking leisurely around town or racing down tracks or trails, you need the right parts to give you a smooth and safe ride. Shimano, founded in 1921, is a prominent company that makes various bike parts. Shimano bike components are available on eBay in both new and used condition.

How do you choose a derailleur?

Most bikes use a derailleur transmission system to change gears. When bikes are sold as "Shimano bikes," this means they aren't built completely by Shimano but rather use Shimano components. You'll see many bicycles on eBay with Shimano derailleurs in either the front or back or both. Here's more information on these important components:

  • Front derailleur: This part can come with double or triple cages, and the mechanism can either have a bottom or top pull. The bottom pull design is routed under the bottom bracket and is usually found on road and touring bikes. Top pull is used to keep cables out the way on some styles of mountain bikes. When buying a front derailleur, make sure the clamp size - if a clamp is used - corresponds with your seat tube, where it will likely be mounted.
  • Rear derailleur: With conventional rear mechanisms, a spring pushes the component towards the smallest sprocket while a shifter cable pulls it towards the largest sprocket. The most expensive ones are made with carbon fiber, but most are made out of a polymer and alloy. A Shimano bicycle will have to have Shimano derailleurs as well as Shimano shifters to work properly as opposed to having shifters made by a different company.
How many gears are recommended?

It depends on your preferences, your abilities, and where you like to ride. There are some bikes with single speeds that can get the job done. At the basic level, many bikes come with three gears so you can get started more easily, conquer hills with less effort, and gain speed on straight paths. Many modern bikes are similar to Shimano 21 speeds in that they offer at least 10 different gears and can have up to 33. This makes them versatile in terms of climbing hills and going fast on flats, and it makes a particular bike suited for many types of riders or different kinds of rides.

Shimano bike hubs

The hub is another part to consider. There are quick-release and standard hubs for the front wheel, with the quick release being convenient for transport. Most bikes with Shimano parts use free hubs on the back, allowing the wheel to be able to both spin when you're coasting and to turn when you engage the pedals. Free hubs work with a ratchet-and-pawl mechanism. If you're looking for lower Shimano prices, check out anything with cup and cone bearings instead of the higher-quality cartridge bearings.