For those who can no longer get about reliably with walkers and canes or have to go longer distances, mobility scooters are the next logical step for your mobility needs. Trusted brands like Shoprider offer a sense of freedom with their scooters, by not letting mobility problems stop you running errands or enjoying day-to-day life.

Comfortable Ride

It’s not enough that your Shoprider take you where you need to go, it should ride there in as comfortable a manner as possible. For starters, shoprider seats swivel allowing for easy getting on and off. They generally also allow you to adjust your distance from the controls, so that you’re not reaching awkwardly forward. With a curved or adjustable tiller, you can have the controls nice and close, while still having plenty of legroom.

Simple Battery Charging

With a vehicle like a Shoprider mobility scooter, you naturally want to be to keep the battery charged so you don’t run out of juice. Shoprider scooters come with removable and easily connected battery pack, so you can charge it whenever and wherever is convenient.

Driver Safety

Since you’re likely to be using your mobility scooter out near roads and traffic, safety has to be a priority. Thankfully, Shoprider scooters include a number of safety features so that you can ride without worry. Certain models come with a headlight for safe operation at night, as well as optional rear lights and indicators so that others around you can keep track of you. Particular mobility scooters also have a mirror so that you can easily see behind you.

Easily Transportable

When travelling distances beyond the range of your scooter, you’ll likely need to bring the scooter with you. Certain scooters are perfectly designed for this, as they can be disassembled into several lightweight parts for easy transport. By disassembling your scooter, you can fit it into a car boot and simply reassemble it when you arrive at your destination.