Silver Bullion Coins & Rounds

Silver Bullion Coins and Rounds

Silver has been used as a form of currency for thousands of years, even more so than gold. Smaller units of silver bullion can be purchased in either coins or rounds. Coins are legal tender produced by a national mint, whereas rounds are minted by private manufacturers. Whether for a gift or for private investment, silver bullion coins are a worthwhile and trustworthy asset to accumulate.

A Good Investment

Investing in silver gives you a beautiful asset that you can hold in your hand, and has been shown in some markets to outperform gold. The use of silver in industrial applications is rising, whereas the worldwide production of silver is declining. There is also a rising demand internationally for silver, which gives additional security to your investment.

Why Buy Bullion Coins?

Bullion coins come in smaller units than bullion bars, which helps you split up your investment if necessary further down the track. A 30 kg bar of silver might be cheaper per gram, but itโ€™s not easy to split into smaller amounts if you wanted to only sell a partial amount. Coins also appeal to the average investor, whereas bars need specialised buyers. Coins are recognisable, trustworthy and certified as to their weight and purity.

Types of Coins

Bullion coins have a higher premium than bars because there is more work put into individually striking each coin, but they have the weight of the relevant government authority to back up their legitimacy. The more coins you buy in one transaction, the lower your premium will be. You can choose coins with a numismatic value (or value to a coin collector) as well as the silver content, or simply buy coins for their silver content.

Where to Buy

The Perth Mint issues internationally recognised silver bullion coins in a range of sizes. A good mid-range size is the 5 oz or 2 oz silver bullion coins which is big enough to lower the premium, but affordable for the average investor. Investors can buy directly from the mint or from a range of reputable dealers online. If buying online, make sure that you are purchasing certified silver bullion coins as additional security.