Snow Sports Equipment

Get ready to hit the slopes with skiing equipment

Whether you are after a new set of skis, a warm ski jacket or want to protect your eyes with a pair of stylish goggles, you can find a wide range of ski equipment to suit your needs here on eBay. With gear for men, women and children, prepare for your winter holiday and get ready to race down the mountain in style.


Designed to be fashionable and functional, a ski jacket will keep you warm and protected on the slopes. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, you can find ski jackets from leading brands including Burton, Roxy, Salomon and Spyder. Hardshell jackets are generally the most windproof and waterproof outer layer whereas softshell jackets are more breathable and flexible to wear. For added protection from the snow, wind and rain, opt for a jacket with a hood and if you want to take any items out with look for one with lots of pockets.

Boots and skis

Ski boots need to be comfortable and well fitted to ensure you ski to your best ability. You can find ski boots in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit your feet.

When choosing a pair of skis it is important to consider your height, weight and the type of skiing you plan on doing. The length of your skis should sit somewhere between your chin and the top of your head, however, if you are a more advanced or racing skier you may prefer longer skis. It is also important to ensure your bindings match your skis and boots for optimal performance.


Perhaps one of the most vital pieces of gear, helmets offer a high level of protection when fitted correctly. Available in a variety of colours and designs, helmets will also keep your ears warm.


Ski goggles protect your eyes and face from the harsh winter conditions and also help to improve your vision. You can find goggles with UV protection, mirrored and polarised lenses to reduce glare from the sun and snow and enhance your skiing experience.