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Got one to sell?

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Sony PlayStation 3 Game Consoles

First among gaming consoles to bring a Blu-ray drive to your living room, the Sony PlayStation 3 is more than just a game platform; it's an entertainment hub. With up to 500 GB of storage, it lets you download all the games and movies you want, and then throws them up on your TV screen in beautiful high definition. Connect it to the Internet and beat your friends online.

Games for the PS3

They say a console is only as good as its games, and the PS3 is no exception. The shift to Blu-ray discs made it possible to push the envelope further than any previous console with more content and better graphics than ever before, as seen in games like Call of Duty. There are more than just shooter games for the PS3; you can also play LEGO adventures and even Minecraft.

PS3 Models

Since its introduction, the PS3 has gotten progressively smaller and smaller with each revision. The first PS3 was not only large, but the convex top surface meant you couldn't stack it with other devices. The following Slim model kept the same basic design, but reduced both power consumption and cooling noise; it also dropped backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 2, but few people seemed to miss it. Following the same theme, the third edition was the Super Slim, which was even smaller yet.

Storage Capacity

The main use of storage capacity for the PS3 is to hold downloaded game content. You can choose a large 500 GB Sony PlayStation console another with as little as 12 GB. Most gamers can do well with a 320 GB Sony Playstation 3 console, which offers plenty of room for several movies and more than a handful of downloaded games. Because it uses standard interfaces, you can buy an external hard drive for the 12 GB model so even that won't run out of space easily.

More Than Just Games

With its free Internet play, something Sony dropped for the PS4, the PS3 makes a great home network hub. Add a few apps and you can also take advantage of your favourite online streaming services so that you can watch digital movies on your TV rather than hunch over a tablet.

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