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“It all started with a pair of pantyhose, some scissors and a bright idea,” says founder Sara Blakely. Her lack of under garments to provide a sleek, smooth silhouette under a pair of gorgeous but challenging cream trousers sparked the idea that took women’s clothing by storm: shapewear. Today, Spanx is known and loved around the world for providing clothing that helps to support, uplift, and control all the body’s bumpy bits. 

Whether it’s a tummy that needs a bit less bulge or a butt that needs a smidge more firmness, Spanx is there to save the day with high tech toning garments. They provide gentle pressure to help keep bodies looking trim, taut and terrific night after night. They’re commonly found under evening dresses, cocktail outfits, and ball gowns the world over. And with the recent expansion into men’s clothing, they’re also found under tuxes and suit shirts too.

Spanx Women's Clothing

Spanx don’t just produce underwear these days. The brand also makes swimsuits, leggings, trousers, bike shorts, jeans, bodysuits and a host of other outer wear. These garments use the same shaping technology as the underwear – typically to a lesser degree – to provide a great silhouette and keep you looking fantastic throughout your days as well as your nights. Keep an eye out for Spanx’s super popular Arm Tights – lace crop tops with three quarter or full-length sleeves that layer beautifully under a loose top or dress and provide some subtle shaping for your shoulders and arms to eliminate flabby wobbly bits. Also, worth a second look are the Perfect Black Pants, in skinny leg and boot cut styles, designed to make you look and feel terrific all day long.

Spanx Shapewear

These are the garments that Spanx is so famous for producing. By adding gentle compression to key areas in each garment, the shapewear squeezes and pushes flab to look and feel firmer and more contoured. You can buy both women’s and men’s shapewear; each focus on classic problem areas to help create a more attractive and sleeker silhouette. You’ll find a range of different shapewear garments, each focused on taming a different area. Bodysuits target the tummy and butt, while shorts target the butt and thighs. Waist cinchers, as the name suggests, tighten the waist and create a gentle curve to the hips. Tights focus on the butt, thighs, and calves, and slips work on the waist, tummy and butt. These Shapewear garments are designed to be stretchy and let you move naturally, providing a comfortable experience. 

Spanx Bras

Spanx bras are soft, practically invisible under clothing, and supportive into the bargain. These babies will keep your bust smooth and beautifully shaped without rubbing or digging in. Straps are wide and comfortable for the best support and lowest profile. They come in a range of fashion colours, so they’ll blend well underneath and even beside your outfit in the event of a minor costume malfunction. 

Spanx Panties

The ‘visible panty line’ (VPL) was the scourge of the 90s. We lived in fear of becoming a victim to that terrible fashion faux pas: our underwear seams being visible under our trousers or pants. Especially when white shorts and skirts were all the rage, this was a real issue. Spanx solved this problem out of hand. With undies that have no seams along the extremities, there’s no ‘visible panty line’ issue. Their lines blend into the skin under even the tightest pants. And Spanx hasn’t stopped there. It also produces undies in a range of styles and colours so that they blend well in the sense of colour, too. Its basic undies come in a range of shades, including multiple variations on ‘skin tone’ so those of us who aren’t beige coloured can be covered too. Of course, that’s not all Spanx has concerned itself with. The brand specialises in shaping, and a lot of its underwear holds true to this mission as well. You’ll find undies to help tauten a tummy and tame your butt into luscious, smooth lines that will look fantastic filling out any outfit.

Spanx Camisoles

The final weapon in an outfit arsenal is the humble camisole. Usually, it’s just there to provide some extra coverage in case of accidental gaping and other ‘whoops’ moments that might result in you showing off more body than you meant to. Spanx has elevated this garment to smooth out your torso, eliminate lumps and bumps, and add support to your bust. You’ll find camis and tanks in a few different neutral colours, so they can work under any outfit. And with extra performance features like wicking and breathability, they give you extra comfort and security day and night, too.

What to wear over your new Spanx

While almost any outfit can benefit from a bit of shapewear behind the scenes, Spanx was originally designed to help women improve the fit and silhouette of semi-formal and formal wear. This is where the garments still shine their brightest, too. They’re useful under one of the most popular new dress styles, the bodycon dress. It’s all about displaying body confidence for a range of shapes and sizes – you’re not limited to teeny tiny sizes when it comes to bodycon. However, a big part of wearing a bodycon dress is confidence, and that’s where shapewear comes in handy. It smooths out the lines of your body, enhancing your natural curves, so that a bodycon dress can really shine. Other dresses that can benefit hugely from shapewear is anything that’s difficult to find a bra for: dresses that are strapless, or have plunging necklines, or show a lot of skin at the back. Spanx have options to suit all of these, whether by blending in to look like part of the outfit or by providing invisible support and shaping.