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 Are you tired of having to look for your dress in different places? Looking for a comprehensive skincare and beauty solution but don't know what brand to go for? Want a handbag that fits you perfectly?

What if you could find them all at once place? At the Sportsgirls eBay store, you find all you are looking for – and get them delivered straight to your home. 

No matter what season it is, you want to be the best you – without compromising on comfort. At the Sportsgirl stable, get the best of the fashion world all suited to your taste. As one of the leading brands in Australian women's fashion, Sportsgirl offers a vivid range of clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty products - all at an affordable price. 

Sportsgirl Clothing

Get the activewear you love to wear, from the basics like tees, t-shirts and camisoles for leisurely hours to beautiful short and long sleeve dress designed for parties. Choose from beautifully designed knitwear, cardigans and jumpers. 

Go for the traditional style. Choose loose fit clothing that complement a warm day's outing. Or, browse the denim section for a collection shorts, dungarees, and other classy denim wears, matched with jeans and jackets. 

Sportsgirl also offer cosy jumpsuits intoned colours and prints, in stylish shorts and skirts. Complete that attire with beautiful tops to match them. Sportsgirl has a collection of swimwear, too, ideal for that long-awaited beach day. Name the occasion, and there will be a trendy collection of clothes for you to choose from. Let it be retro, vintage, or the hottest craze in the fashion scene!

Sportsgirl prioritizes comfort and fashion, and you can get them in different sizes, from extra small to double extra-large. All the garments come with instructions on how to wash and clean them, in detail.

Sportsgirl Accessories

Would you like a new bag for yourself? Now you  have chosen an outfit, it's time to decorate yourself with accessories. From a shoulder bag to a crochet bag, it's all there. The bag collection has a wide variety of designs and types, namely slings, totes, clutches, and duffels. These were designed by keeping two things in mind- fashion and utility. 

Sportsgirl also has a massive list of accessories to choose from – bags, belts, kaftans, jewellery, sunglasses, socks, scarves, hats – anything you name. Which one will you like? Here is a sneak peek at a few of them.

The belts in the collection are sleek and elegant, a unique mix of simplicity and classiness. The kaftans are light and add more colour to the wearer's outfit.

The jewellery collection needs a special mention – you can buy everything from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Some of the designs are humble, but they can turn eyes, nevertheless. Looking to buy something more elegant? Take a look at the collection of sterling silver jewellery for purchase, which are absolute works of art.

That’s not all – Sportsgirl also offer an extensive range of eyewear, including sunglasses that come in every shape, from round to rectangles to trademark wayfarer designs. The sunglasses are designed while keeping in mind the latest trends. 

And you will love the homely cute prints on the scarves, patterned with simple prints. Oh, did we talk about hats? They don't just protect you when going out - they can double up as a trendy fashion accessory as well. Other accessories that are available for purchase include hair scrunchies, wallets, purses, and keyrings, all designed with fashion and utility in mind.


Are you wearing that old shoe to that party, that’s all worn out and look dull? Why not get something more beautiful? 

Your look is never completed without matching shoe wear. Sportsgirl's collection of shoes lets you choose from an array of different models and sleek designs or event type. Sportsgirl sneakers, designed for casual outings, are the right blend of eye-catching colours and designs. Sportsgirl have heels that sync in with your dresses naturally. 

Sportsgirl also have flats for lazy Sundays at home, sandals that go well with your elegant and straightforward summer dresses, and boots to wear with your denim collection – all you need to do is take a look at their collection!

Available in sizes 6 through 41, these shoes - of brilliant shades - are sure to boost your confidence and give you the best user experience while ensuring it doesn't hurt the user posture.

Beauty Products

Are you looking for hair conditioning treatment? Check. Want healthier, glowing skin? Check. Want to have smoother hair? Check. 

Now you have chosen all parts of your outfit, it's time to feel more special with Sportsgirl's unique range of beauty products. Sportsgirls' beauty products will work wonders on your hair, nourishing it from its roots. It will help rejuvenate your skin, for that youthful glow.

The collection includes all you need to start a bright day ahead. Go for makeup accessories, including brow brushes, highlight brushes, contour brushes, and cleaning pads, are also available. 

Want to go for better skincare? Go for bronzing powders, or scrubs, face masks, and even face massagers and cleansing brushes! Other products include body care, like body scrubs, essential oils, scents, and glitter pastes. 

There are other hair related products, including hair straighteners and volume sprays, which will help in stylizing your hair by choice. Or, take care of your nails with the stick-on nails and cute nail files. Get makeup tools from eyelash fixers to curlers, cleaning sponges to tweezers, and carry them around in makeup bags - all at a reasonable price. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re after, Sportsgirl has you covered. From clothing to shoes, hats to jewellery, there’s guaranteed to be something you love! It's time to develop your self-confidence - and indulge in some self-satisfaction. Let your heart decide from the palettes that are on sale. Check out the product descriptions to find the one you will like. You are sure to find one that fits your needs, and more. eBay is also fantastic for present shopping, so if someone you care about loves Sportsgirl, you’re in the right place!