Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk Costumes

What really is steampunk, anyway? While extremely popular in certain circles, it is true that not a lot of people know about or understand what constitutes the genre. Steampunk is generally a literary genre, though many films, tv shows and artwork also employ its aesthetic. An offshoot of science fiction, it combines vintage 19th century machinery and decor with technology of the future. Not only does it make for some great stories, but it can also inspire awesome costumes.

Women’s Steampunk Costumes

When it comes to steampunk, no one is left out. There are great costumes for everyone. If you are looking for women’s steampunk costumes, online seller eBay have you covered. Most choices are between wild west and Victorian-era, with lots of lace and corsets whichever you choose. The costumes are intricate, with lots of layers and pieces. Average prices are around $70 for a full costume, though it varies depending on size, style, and other factors.

Men’s Steampunk Costumes

You’ll be the coolest guy at the party with one of the men’s steampunk costumes available online at eBay. With a mix of both class and adventure, these Halloween, convention, or dress-up party costumes (like the women’s versions) can include Victorian and wild west, as well as Gatsby-era, Artful Dodger, Wizard of Oz, and Gangster, to name a few.

Steampunk Costume Accessories

There is much more to a costume than just the clothes. In order to have a supreme outfit, accessories are a must-have. eBay also has a great range of steampunk costume accessories. Make a statement and be the best-dressed at the party with a gold and black half-face masquerade mask, or why not top off your costume with a skull wings vintage top hat? Gloves with proper accoutrements are also a must-have, as well as welding goggles and a gentleman's walking cane.