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Technics Pianos, Keyboards and Organs

Technics is a popular brand that sells pianos, keyboards and organs. You may want to check out some selections of their products first before turning to unbranded pianos, keyboards and organs for your next buy.

Technics KN2000

Technics KN2000 keyboards come with stunning sounds and have an abundance of arranger workstation features. You get a blue-white display that shows all relevant information and settings. The sequencer and editing functions are very convenient to use. This can fulfill professional level performance requirements. You get 61 keys, and you can set 64 notes to sound off simultaneously. It has 250 sound settings, some of which are piano, electric piano, guitar, special percussion, synth lead, bass and more. Transpose to G-C-Fi. It has 200 rhythms, including jazz, rock, soul, funk, swing, Latin and more. You can auto-play chords. Storage accommodates 8000 notes. It has two memory banks. You get MIDI features, and you get an external memory slot.

Technics KN1400

Technics KN1400 also has a large backlit LCD display as well as mixer display. You get 61 keys and 64 notes for polyphony. You can operate this keyboard with ease. It has a simple layout and control system. The sound buttons are on the left while the rhythm buttons are on the right. You get two DSP units, reverb and acoustics. You have a chord finder. The advanced 16-track sequencer allows note editing. You get an easy composer feature as well as a Karaoke feature that highlights lyrics on-screen. This keyboard has pitch bend on the left. It has MIDI In and Out. You can connect this keyboard to your PC by linking to the serial port directly.


For longevity, maintain regular care for pianos and keyboards. Buy a breathable cover to protect your instrument when you're not using it. This prevents dust accumulation. Maintain normal temperatures at all times. Keep your keyboard away from extreme heat as well as extreme cold. Handle your keyboard with clean hands. If you’ve handled food, wash first before using the keyboard. Clean the unit with dry rags or slightly moist ones. Don’t use abrasive cleaners and buy solutions that are specifically for electronic products. Also, you should never place objects on top of the keys and controls.