Tony Kart


Win That Go Kart Race On A Tony Kart Chassis

For the true karting enthusiast, you know that Tony Kart is a name synonymous with quality karting gear. Having been born in the 60s, Tony Kart has made a name for itself first in Italy, then around the world and is known as a leader in manufacturing quality karting products. On eBay, you will find a large range of Tony Kart items, such as jackets, racing shoes, tuning light sensors, brake pads, bolt kits, bearing mounts and sticker kits, and brake pedals and race suits. 

Types of Tony Kart go-kart accessories

  • Bumpers: There are two main types of bumpers available from Tony Karts. The first is the standard CRG with New Age hardware and KG bumpers. The latter has a patented design that allows the main bumper assembly to float free. It is also generally more expensive but will allow the bumper to float free of the structure. Both are anchored to the frame via a 10mm bolt that fits most karts. 
  • The Tony Kart racing suit: A go-karting outfit that is comfortable and suitable for all skill levels. It's made from flexible and durable fabric, allowing it to be quickly and easily washed after use. Consequently, you can wear it all day during race day, and you will never feel uncomfortable in it.
  • Stickers for your Tony Kart go-kart. These stickers and decals will make your go-kart look more exciting and eye-catching. In addition, it gives the go-kart a more intimidating look to your competitors.
  • Tony Kart go-kart matching gloves and shoes: These will match the colour of your go-kart and make you look like a professional driver. These are very sporty and comfortable and can be used for wearing all day. 

Start shopping today for your Tony Kart parts and Tony Kart wear. You will find everything you need for your karting experience to suit any budget, including a full range of go kart accessories. Shop with trusted eBay Plus sellers who offer free express delivery, free returns, and exclusive savings. Look for sellers who offer Click & Collect and if you have any questions, email the seller directly before you purchase.