Vehicle Electronics & GPS

Vehicle Electronics and GPS For All Makes and Models

When it comes to electronic accessories for your car, a wealth of devices are available to help you and your passengers get the most out of your vehicle. One of the most widely used accessories for the car is a dashboard GPS, which helps you to find your way to unfamiliar destinations easily and without the stress of using a traditional map. To keep you and your passengers entertained on your journey, other audio and video playback devices are available to fit most cars and other vehicles.


Onboard GPS devices have become much more reliable and portable in recent years, making them a vital accessory when travelling abroad or to somewhere new by car. GPS systems go a long way towards making travel completely stress-free, with most recent models offering accurate traffic information and smart routes around hold-up areas so they can even help you avoid getting stuck in a jam.

The maps available for GPS systems cover the entire world and some models even come with information on speed camera locations and other important roadside info. The most sophisticated GPS devices can even connect to your smartphone, displaying and reading aloud text messages as well as managing calls whilst you drive.


Car video equipment such as video players and on-board cameras can make driving easier, safer and more enjoyable. If you struggle with tricky parking manoeuvres, you could fit your vehicle with parking assistant video cameras that attach to your car’s bumpers and feed to a screen by your side. Dashboard mounted cameras can capture every moment of your journey and if you’re concerned about insurance and liability, these can be a great help.

This kind of video camera provides security in the event of any accident by acting as reliable evidence, making them a good choice for any responsible driver. For unbeatable entertainment value on long trips, consider installing a HD monitor to your vehicle for movies or games, keeping your friends or family occupied while you travel.


Whether it’s accompanying an HD screen or simply supporting an on-board stereo, high-quality audio output is makes for great music and entertainment in the car. A wide range of audio output devices are available for you to get the right level of performance at an affordable price. For a fully interactive experience, high-spec audio devices are available to help you organise your music and manage play back while driving.

A car alarm is another great addition, so start shopping today!