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Which Car Parts And Accessories Should You Always Keep Handy?

Taking the car to the shop can be expensive, especially if it needs a big service or repair. Anyone with sufficient knowledge of cars can often save money by doing some of the basics at home. For those interested in working on their car at home, there are certain car parts and car accessories that can make life easier. It’s worth noting that some car warranties require all repairs and maintenance to be carried out by a licensed mechanic, so check for details before starting work on the car.

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First up, a tool kit. Working on a car requires certain basic tools, however, tools generally don’t come cheap – the good ones anyway. Work out which tools are essential, and collect them over time.

When it comes to car parts, it can be handy having the essentials in the garage. These can include spark plugs, filters and wiper blades, as well as fluids, such as oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, windscreen washer, and power steering fluid.

As for car accessories, a manual for the car being worked on is essential, while overalls and steel-toe cap boots are great for extra protection.

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