Vietnam War Collectables (1961-1975)

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Vietnam War Memorabilia

The Vietnam War is one of the most controversial wars in history, likely adding to the appeal of memorabilia from it. The Vietnam War officially began in 1955 and lasted for almost 20 years, with mass protesting against it beginning in the mid-1960s. If you are seeking vintage Vietnam War items for sale, be sure to go to eBay for Vietnam War-era items.

What Vietnam War-era patches are collectible?

When it comes to preowned Vietnam War collectibles for sale, patches are one of the most commonly collected. This is likely because they are small and hold a lot of history on them. These coveted Vietnam War memorabilia are also often inexpensive. While many patches are less expensive, some are highly valuable. Some of the patches for sale on eBay include:

  • B Troop 2nd of the 17th Cavalry Regiment Helicopter Pilot Patch - This patch is red and white with a helicopter on it. It says "Eyes With Teeth."
  • 282nd Assault Helicopter Co Alley Cats - This patch is mainly yellow and has a black cat shooting a machine gun on it.
  • US Special Forces MIKE FACS CCS bomb burst patch - This patch was made in Vietnam. It has a skull with a green beret on it.
  • US Air Force 429th Fighter Bomber Squadron - This patch is yellow with black trim and features a black dragon snorting fire.
  • US Air Force C-123K 1000 Combat Sorties - This patch is red with blue trim. In white lettering it says "1000 Combat Vietnam Sorties C-123K."
What are other Vietnam War artifacts?

Artifacts from the Vietnam War era are coveted by many collectors. These affordable Vietnam War collectibles include items such as canteens, MRE's, plaques, and various weaponry accessories. You can find bayonets, rifle bipods, military issue knives, rifle oil, and rifle scopes. Vietnam-era dog tags are another artifact you can easily find on eBay. Camping gear used in Vietnam also is available, such as Coleman lamps, cooking gear, and more.

Vietnam War uniforms

When seeking Vietnam collectibles for sale, you are going to see Vietnam-era uniforms. Military-issued first aid kits from that era are coveted, as are claymore bags. Service jackets from higher-ranking military personnel are very collectible. Jungle jackets are another item that are essential to a Vietnam War collection that includes uniform pieces, as are the Vietnam-era leather bomber jackets.