Vintage Audio & Video Electronics

Vintage Audio & Video Electronics

As technology is rapidly progressing in terms of style, features and capabilities, older audio and video electronics are now becoming obsolete. Televisions were first available for public sale in the late 1920's as black and white machines and radios were first on the market only a few years before. Models of both seem to be changing and upgrading every year but if you are into collecting antiques, you can find older vintage audio and video items for sale.

Vintage Audio

If you cannot get enough of the retro audio sound, a vintage record player or vintage radio is just what you need for your home. The way we play our audio is so different today from what it was in the 20th century but for some it is all about vintage items. Even though they may be bigger, chunkier, or don’t have a remote, it is still possible to find good quality antique radios, record players and classic Hi-fi systems that deliver excellent sound in your home.

Vintage Televisions

While you may like to purchase a vintage television as you simply prefer them to the new modern TVs of today and like the look of it in your living room, there are also a number of other ways that you can use them. You can use vintage televisions to add something different to your home decor by turning it into a bookshelf, a drinks cabinet or even a chair.

Vintage Parts

The older your working vintage audio item or television is, the more likely it is going to need repair or replacement parts. It is possible to find the parts that you need such as replacement tubes, valves and sockets.


While vintage audio and video products are often not high value items, it is possible that some can be worth hundreds of dollars. It will be hard to judge the value yourself so it is best to ask a professional antique collector or museum for advice.