Washer & Dryer Parts

Washer And Dryer Parts

Your washing machine and clothes dryer are two of the most essential items in your home, responsible for cleaning your clothing, bedding, table linen and more. From time to time, whether it be fair wear and tear, or a mishap, parts tend to need replacing. For those who arent afraid of a little DIY, they can replace many of the parts with just a little effort and elbow grease. Many popular brands produce parts to the market for this purpose, such as LG, Samsung and Fisher and Paykel. There are also unbranded washer and dryer parts designed to be compatible with a number of machines.

Which Type of Parts For Washers And Dryers Are There?

Many of the essential small parts for washers and dryers are available to purchase individually, particularly those which are subject to a lot of use and are, therefore, more likely to break or give out.

  • Agitators are the visible rotating centrepieces you see in the middle of a top-loading machine. These turn and move the clothing during the cycle, thus providing the movement of the wash. Depending on the heaviness of use, they can give out, however, they are easy to remove and install a new one.
  • Lint filter bags trap dirt, dust and particles from your washing. They occasionally need replacing and are a very easy item to replace.
  • Technical parts, such as drain pumps and washing machine control boards, are available for those with more technical ability who wish to make more detailed changes to their machine.

What Are Washer And Dryer Parts Made From?

The majority of parts for your washer and dryer contain sturdy materials that hold up very well in wet conditions and wont succumb to mould.

  • Thick injection moulded plastics are resilient against wear, cleaning chemicals, and arent materials that will erode or damage from constant contact with water.
  • Wall brackets and mounts consist of steel to provide stability and incredible strength when supporting your washer or dryer.
  • Outlet hoses may consist of plastic or stainless steel, which are extremely durable.