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Got one to sell?

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Other Western Digital Hard Drives

No matter what you use your computer for, what really matters is the data on it. That's why choosing the right hard drive is so important. Western Digital hard drives offer lots of options so you can store all the data you need, whether it be a massive collection of photographs or all the music you have ever heard.

Internal Hard Drives

Internal hard drives are great for the data you always want to have with you. Since they are built into your computer, you need to install them, but once installed they provide always-accessible storage. These drives can take advantage of the fastest available interfaces and draw power from your computer itself, so you don't have to worry about overloading your power point.

External Hard Drives

You can store a lot of content on a href="">2 TB external drive and even more on a 4 TB external drive. The big advantage of external hard drives is that they are not tied to any one computer. Get a new machine? Just unplug the drive from the old one and plug it into the other. It takes a matter of seconds and all your data is right there. They are everyone's first choice for storing content like photographs and music.

Hybrid Drives

Hybrid hard drives mix an SSD and a conventional hard drive in the same casing. It's a great way to combine performance with capacity without breaking the bank. Clever algorithms keep the most often used data on the smaller SSD portion, while the mass of data stays on the slower but much larger rotating side. It's not quite as fast as a pure SSD, but it's a great improvement over a standard drive.

Wireless Hard Drives

A WD My Passport wireless hard drive connects over Wi-Fi to your computer. It's a great backup solution because you just put it in the corner and forget about it. You get lots of storage and you don't have to worry about wires. It's not the fastest option, but once it's set up it is the most convenient.

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