Whitco Door Locks & Lock Mechanisms


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Whitco Security Screen Door Locks

Keeping your family safe and your house secure is something that everyone wants. With over 300,000 reports of home break-and-enters a year, the best way to protect yourself is by purchasing and installing top-of-the-line door locks. With so many choices of brands and styles on the market, comparing them on the Internet is the best way to find the right fit for you. You can also get hands-on and gather the pieces to install yourself, coming with all the instructions you need.

Screen Door Locks

The first line of defence against an intruder is your screen door. Whitco door locks and lock mechanisms for all types of door are available in complete packs or in individual parts, meaning you can update any broken or lost pieces. Installation is simple, and each listing has all the necessary measurements.

Exterior Door Locks

The next barrier in keeping your home safe is your exterior doors, front and back. Exterior Whitco home and personal security locks will make it harder for an intruder to break in, making sure your family and belongings are protected. Styles and designs will fit any decor, and are so easy to install you won’t even need to get a professional.

Window Locks

For a more comprehensive home security arrangement, Whitco window hardware fits almost all window types, with simple to heavy-duty locks available for purchase online. These will take a bit more time picking and installing, as there are many different styles and pieces, but a quick search on Google or YouTube can give you step-by-step installation instructions.

Alarm Systems

If you want to try something a bit more high-tech, doorbells, chimes, and alarms are available and easy to install. The prices vary depending on the brand and functions, but there is something for every budget. Another added benefit is that they will also improve the value of your home should you choose to sell.