Wire, Cable & Conduit

Industrial Wires and Cables   

Industrial wires and cables have many applications, from house wiring, electrical wiring or media to communications wiring.   

Types of Industrial Wires and Cables Include Electrical, Coaxial and Computer Cables:   

Electrical Wiring: Whether for house, vehicle or hobbyist uses, electrical wiring generally consists of copper wire with coloured plastic coating to both insulate and help identify different circuits and connections. It comes in solid core, cable core and multicore varieties.   

Coaxial Cable: Used for transmitted TV antenna signals and other media, coaxial cables are thick and black, with unique connectors.   

Computer Cable: Used for the wiring in computers and sensitive electronics, computer cable is usually thin and comes bundled in specific formats to match devices and applications.   

Accessories for Industrial Wires and Cables   

Wire Tools: Many tools are used when working with wires and cables. Pliers and wire cutters help move and cut wire. Trimmers and strippers shape both the wire and insulated coverings. Crimping tools compress wires and cables together.   

Heat Shrink Coverings: These can be cut to length and slipped over any length of exposed wire, then shrunk with a heat gun to ensure secure contact and insulation.