Women's Suits & Suit Separates

Women's Suits and Blazers

Usually when someone mentions suits, one might think first of men, but these days, women also don suits and blazers in the workplace and at formal events. Just like men, women's suits need to fit well and complement their body type as well as the setting. Blazers, on the other hand, can even go with casual outfits, adding a touch of elegance and style.

What are the Different Types of Women's Suits?

You can categorise suits for women with a focus on two aspects, namely:

  • Components of the suit - Women can choose between trouser suits, skirt suits, and three-piece suits. Trouser suits incorporate a pair of trousers with a suit jacket, while skirt suits use skirts in place of trousers. Three-piece suits might offer both a skirt and a pair of trousers that match with the jacket, and gives you a choice between the two.
  • Style of the suit - Some suits are strictly professional in design and thus make ideal business attire for women. Others have a more smart-casual vibe to them, and can combine with casual tops and blouses for a more dress-down-but-still-mean-business look. Lastly, there are evening suits, which are for formal events or settings where stylishness comes first.

How Can Blazers Incorporate into an Outfit?

Blazers for women are not just for work and suits; you can combine them in a variety of ways to add a dash of high-fashion flair to your outfit. Some of the ways you can do this is:

  • Wearing it with a mini-dress for a more classy spin to a sexy favourite;
  • Combining it with a maxi dress for a nice fall look;
  • Wearing it with jeans and casual top, providing both warmth and style; or
  • Wearing it on top of a summer dress and a pair of leggings.

What Kinds of Ladies' Suits Complement Different Body Types?

Suits may fit differently on different individuals, despite them having the same type of body shape. That being said, some general (but not hard and fast) guidelines you can follow include:

  1. Curvy women should opt for straight cut suits, with no additional frills that will add bulk. The fit should hug the body to accentuate curves but not too tightly.
  2. Streamlined, straight cut trouser suits look great of full-figured women, though it's important that the suit jacket is not oversized but rather fits well at the hips.
  3. Women who have a straighter body type and fewer curves should try to get suits that cinch at the waist, and have skirts that hug the hips.