Yamaha Audio Amplifiers

Yamaha Audio Amplifiers

With a tradition of more than 125 years in the music industry, Yamaha is one of the first names to come to mind in the world of not only musical instruments but also amplifiers. A Yamaha amplifier lays the foundation of an exceptional home stereo system, which is vital for music lovers who want to enjoy their favourite tunes at a quality never experienced before. Yamaha audio amplifiers come packed with features that transform your music listening, whether your source is a surround sound home cinema or simply your smartphone.


The type of amplifier you need and the number of connections it provides are two essential factors to consider. If you want a powerful Yamaha audio receiver, look for one with at least 100 watts per channel. Depending on the kind of sound source you want to use with the amplifier, you may benefit from Yamaha audio amplifiers with Bluetooth that are very easy to connect to various devices and control.


Many Yamaha amplifiers come complete with a combination of inputs that makes it simple to connect just about any sound source. Some common connections include analogue RCA inputs and optical digital inputs. A limited number of models feature USB inputs designed for sound from your computer.


Yamaha amplifiers feature tone controls, which you can use to modify the warmth and brightness of the sound. Opt for a model with a single tone control if you only want to hook up one sound source, or go for one with separate controls if you want to use multiple sources.

Extra Features

While power and tone are essential features to consider in an amplifier, you may want some extras as well, such as built-in effects and line outputs with speaker emulation that would prove useful if you want to use your amplifier with an instrument.