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Getting Decorative

For some folks, having the house perfectly decorated means nothing if the yard isn’t similarly up to par. For them, the backyard and front yard have to look just as good as the inside of the house. For others, when they think of décor and design, they think of interiors. They think of beautiful bathrooms and cutting edge kitchens, they think of welcoming bedrooms and lovely living rooms. But design doesn’t have to stop at the back door. With the help of a little garden décor – and little bit of design ingenuity – making the yard look great is only a matter of time, effort and imagination.   When it comes to exterior design, there is a lot to be said for landscaping. Landscaping can create a beautiful backyard out of almost anything. To make the space even more usable, areas can be turned over to create a deck or patio, a pergola or a pool. As for those small decorative touches though, they are just as important as the big stuff. Plant stands can provide pretty places for plant pots to sit. Garden plaques and signs can provide essential info about veggies planted in the garden. Stepping stones can offer an interesting path for visitors to take around the garden, highlighting all its best bits. While they’re not for everyone, garden statues and lawn ornaments can add character to a backyard. Still need inspiration? Garden flags, garden wind chimes and garden windmills and wind spinners are all popular favourites. 

Getting Practical

Garden décor is not just about looks. These decorative items can also have practical uses. Whether the weather is hot or cold, outdoor thermometers can gauge the temperature outside to provide an accurate reading. Rain gauges can offer valuable information regarding the amount of rain that has fallen – or the lack of it. Weathervanes can say which direction the wind is blowing, while sundials can provide the time without the need for a watch – or a smartphone. Time to transform that backyard? Check out what’s on offer on eBay to find a huge selection of garden décor essentials, with everything from brand new items to used vintage gems that are sure to add character.