iPhone 6s Plus 128GB


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Things To Know About Buying Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB on eBay

Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB devices are available on eBay in every model and colour. Here are the main factors to consider when shopping for an Apple iPhone 6s Plus on eBay.

Unique features of the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB

The iPhone 6s Plus 128GB has several unique internal and external features:

  • Processor - The 6s Plus has an A9 microchip processor and features 2GB of RAM, which allows games and apps to load and perform smooth and fast.
  • 3D Touch - The 6s Plus features a 3D-touch technology, which gives the digitizer screen a pressure-sensitive response for controlling apps and other special functions in iOS 10 and beyond.
  • Camera - The 6s Plus has a back camera that captures 12-megapixel images, along with a front-facing camera that captures 5-megapixel images. The iPhone 6s Plus camera also captures 4K video.
  • Available colours - The iPhone 6s Plus is available in all colours including a special rose gold colourway.
Mobile carriers that support the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB

Every major mobile carrier supports the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB. You can search by category to find iPhone 6s Plus devices that are compatible with the carrier of your choosing. iPhone 6s Plus unlocked phones work with any carrier.

How do you compare the iPhone 6S Plus 128GB price new and used?

The main differences in price between an iPhone 6s Plus used and a new one are in its condition. You may choose a used device if you are on a limited budget and still want all the benefits of having an iPhone 6s Plus 128GB. A new-in-box iPhone 6s Plus is in pristine condition with all original materials and fetches the highest price in comparison. The deeper the used condition, the lower the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB price tends to be. The conditions of the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB are new, used, seller refurbished, manufacturer refurbished, and for parts or not working.

Buying iPhone 6s Plus for parts or not-working condition on eBay

There are many iPhone 6s Plus 128GB for sale on eBay in not-working condition if you are looking for iPhones to repair or to use for parts. Search by condition category and filter by "for parts or not working."

Available colours for the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB

The iPhone 6s Plus 128GB is available in the following colours: Gold, silver, white, black, and rose gold.