iPhone 6s Plus Unlocked


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A popular phone without the price tag

Apple is one of the first brands you think of when it comes to mobile phones. This is unsurprising considering the runaway success of their iPhone brand. The problem is, getting the latest and greatest iPhones come with a serious price tag. The serious enthusiasts are happy to pay for the latest tech, but what if you’re not in a position to do that?

You also might not really care about having all the bells and whistles – you just want a reliable phone that works, and does the basics you need. Well, fortunately, there are a lot of iPhone 6S smartphones available on eBay, and they’re even unlocked, so you don’t need a restrictive phone contract.

All the iPhone technology you need

The great thing about the iPhone brand is that every phone essentially uses the same operating system. That means whether you’ve got an iPhone 6 which may be around five years old, or you’ve got the latest iPhone on the market, most of the functionality is still the same.

Generally, updates with each new model are usually focused around things like battery life, aesthetic design, screen size and camera upgrades. Most of the actual built-in apps and features are more attached to the iOS operating system rather than the phone itself.

So, if you can grab an iPhone 6S at an affordable price, you’re still going to have access to a lot of the apps you can get with the newest iPhone. It’s important to note that some iPhone models preclude you from using certain apps due to their age, so it’s worth checking this before purchasing.

Unlocked for even more savings

To get the newest iPhones, unless you have wads of cash to throw around, you’re going to need to get it on a 2-year contract that locks you in. With these unlocked iPhone 6S models, you can get a pre-paid sim card or a sim only plan, making it much cheaper and less restrictive. It also makes them a great option for kids if you don’t want to fork out over a thousand dollars for their first phones!