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Rules and policies for buyers

We want to make buying on eBay a safe and enjoyable experience for all. To help do this, we’ve put in place a number of policies and guidelines to protect our users. 

Many of these are based on local laws and regulations, but others are based on our experience of what will help ensure a fair marketplace for everyone. So, before you bid or buy on eBay, read our policies for buyers listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions


What rules and requirements are there for eBay buyers?

When you bid on or buy an item, you're agreeing to the rules we've put in place for our community. You can find out more details on these rules in the articles below.

What kind of items are listed on eBay?

Almost anything you can think of. But there are certain categories of items that we restrict. Check out our list of prohibited and restricted items.

Interfering with a transaction policy

Learn about the rules and guidelines we've established to prevent people from interfering with the completion of transactions.

Invalid bid retraction policy

Read our guidelines on retracting a bid, and why we have rules in place to prevent members gaining an unfair advantage when buying an item.

Non-binding bid policy

Learn about the guidelines for participating in auctions in the motors and real estate categories. 

Abusive buyer policy

Learn about our expectations for buyer behaviour on eBay.

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