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How immediate payment works

With the immediate payment option on eBay, a listing is still available until a buyer has completed the purchase. This is especially useful when you're selling time-sensitive items, like tickets to a concert or sporting event.

eBay may automatically require immediate payment on some listings. You can also select this option when creating fixed price listings or auction-style listings with a Buy It Now option.

When immediate payment is required, the item's still available until the buyer has completed payment.

  • Fixed price: The first person who selects Buy It Now and completes the transaction gets the item
  • Auction with Buy It Now: Immediate payment only applies to Buy It Now transactions, so when a bid is placed the immediate payment requirement disappears. (If you listed with a reserve price, it disappears after the reserve price is met.) The listing then becomes a regular auction listing and the highest bidder wins.

How to create a listing with immediate payment

To create a listing with immediate payment, simply select Require immediate payment with Buy It Now when you're selecting your payment options in the listing form.

To list an item requiring immediate payment, you need to:

  • Have an eBay seller account in good standing
  • Specify a Buy It Now price of no more than $80,000
  • Specify postage and handling costs or offer free postage for the item
  • State all costs, including taxes, so your buyer knows exactly what to pay.

When you require immediate payment, the first person who selects Buy It Now and completes the transaction gets the item.

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