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Promoted Listings overview

Promoted Listings helps your items stand out among billions of listings across eBay and be seen by millions of active buyers, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Take a look at the different ways to promote your listings below to see which one is best for you and your business.

Promoted Listings Standard

With Promoted Listings Standard you're only charged when a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and purchases your item. You'll be guided through the set up, and will see our listing and ad rate suggestions.

Listings in Standard campaigns can appear in sponsored placements across the eBay network.

Promoted Listings Express

Promoted Listings Express makes it easy for you to boost the visibility of your auction items from the eBay app.

You'll pay an upfront flat fee which is based on the length of your auction and item category.

Promoted Listings Advanced

Promoted Listings Advanced drives traffic to your listings with preferred access to the top slot of search.

With Promoted Listings Advanced you'll have access to additional controls such as keyword, budget, and bidding options to target your ads.

You're charged when a buyer clicks on your promoted listing.

eBay Marketing Program Terms - opens in new window or tab

Read the full terms and conditions for using our marketing services to promote your listings.

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