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Buying postage labels on eBay

Buying an Australia Post or Sendle postage label on eBay makes sending your sold items quick and easy.

When you buy an eBay postage label, you can simply drop off your parcel at a convenient location near you or, for Sendle services, book a courier pickup at no extra cost.

Depending on the service, you'll pay the same as or less than the retail rate for postage. The postage cost is deducted from your sales proceeds or charged to your on-file payment method.

Benefits of using eBay postage labels

  • It's fast and convenient to get your item on its way:
    • Avoid queues by dropping off your parcel, or book a Sendle pickup.
    • Tracking information is uploaded automatically to eBay.
    • You don't need a special printer or adhesive labels – just print on normal paper and tape it to the package. For some Sendle services, you don't even need a printer.
    • If you're sending overseas, online customs forms are pre-filled.
  • Signature on delivery and insurance are available:
    • When using Australia Post, you can add signature on delivery or insurance if required.
    • Sendle pricing includes transit cover up to $300 and free signature on delivery for most services. (Sendle does not offer signature on delivery for parcels that weigh below 500g.)
  • We have solutions tailored to business sellers, including:
    • Add the order number or other custom text to your label
    • Print labels for multiple orders at once
    • Discounted business postage rates for Sendle services.

For more details, including pricing, please read our Seller Centre article about eBay postage labels - opens in new window or tab.

How to print an eBay postage label

For some orders, we may email you a postage label based on the item details and the best available service via our platform. You simply need to check the package details, then download and print off the label.

It's also quick and easy to get postage labels on eBay from your computer or mobile device. Here's how:

  1. Find the item in the Sold section of My eBay - opens in new window or tab or on the Orders tab of Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab and select Print postage label from the actions menu.
  2. Double-check that both your address and the buyer's address are correct. If you need to edit one of them, select Edit below the address.
  3. Select your preferred delivery service and enter the package details, such as type, weight and dimensions.
  4. Choose any additional services you want to add (fees may apply for these).
  5. Select Purchase postage label. You can then either open or download the label, print it onto normal A4 paper and tape it to the package. If you'd like, you can print a packing slip by selecting Open packing slip.

Once you've labelled your parcel, take it to your nearest Australia Post post office or street posting box - opens in new window or tab or Sendle drop-off location - opens in new window or tab. If you booked a courier pickup with Sendle, have your parcel ready for collection by 8am on the day of pickup.

You can reprint a postage label at no extra cost within 24 hours of buying it. Simply go to Manage postage labels - opens in new window or tab and select Reprint.

Buying additional labels for an order

If you need to split a buyer's items into more than one package, you can print additional labels.

To get labels for a single order in multiple packages:

  1. Follow the instructions above to get a label for the first package.
  2. Select Print another label for the same order from the label confirmation page.
  3. Enter the weight and dimensions for the next package.

Each additional label will have its own tracking number and will be charged separately, based on the package weight and dimensions you entered.

How to print labels for multiple orders

If you have multiple orders to send, you can create the postage labels in bulk and print them all at once.

To get labels for multiple orders:

  1. Go to the Sold section of My eBay - opens in new window or tab or the Orders tab of Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab and select Print postage label from the actions menu next to one of the items.
  2. Select the Print labels in bulk link at the top right side.
  3. We'll show a list of orders awaiting postage. You can remove any orders for which you don't want to print a label, and combine any orders which you want to send together in one package.
  4. For each order, check the buyer's address and delivery service – you can edit these if you need to – and choose any additional services you want to add (fees may apply for these).
  5. When you're ready, select Review purchase to see a summary of the labels you're creating.
  6. Select Confirm and pay to purchase your postage.
  7. Select Print labels to open and print a PDF that contains all of the labels, or use the drop-down menu next to each order to download the individual labels if you'd prefer to print them separately. You can also print the labels list to help you with picking and packing your orders.

Discounted business postage rates with Sendle

Discounts on Sendle labels are available to sellers who print a large number of postage labels through eBay.

If you meet one of the following criteria over a rolling 8-week period, we'll automatically opt you in and you'll see the discounted business rates when buying and printing postage on eBay:

  • 160 Sendle postage labels printed
  • 300 eBay transactions
  • 160 eBay Plus transactions

You then need to print a minimum of 160 Sendle postage labels on a rolling 8-week basis to continue receiving the discounted rates.

International postage labels

When you use eBay postage labels for international packages, you'll benefit from a discount compared to retail rates for Australia Post International Standard and Express delivery.

To get an international label, simply follow the steps to print an eBay postage label, or print labels for multiple orders. You'll be prompted to fill out the customs form online, and this will be part of the label when you print it off.

Where you can drop the parcel off depends on which service you chose:

  • Australia Post International Standard delivery: Take the parcel to any post office. (You can't drop it into a red Parcel Post street posting box.)
  • International Express delivery: Take the parcel to any post office or drop it into an Australia Post Express Post yellow street posting box.

As with all eBay postage labels, tracking information for your parcel will be automatically uploaded to eBay.

Before you get your label, make sure your item can be posted internationally. Australia Post provides more information concerning Dangerous and Prohibited Goods - opens in new window or tab so you can better understand restrictions on import and exports.


When you're printing your postage label on eBay, the customs form will be pre-filled with the sender and receiver details, item description, weight, quantity, value and origin country. All you need to do is confirm and add the HS Tariff code - opens in new window or tab to help both Australia and the importing country understand the contents of the package, and its value and purpose.

The AES/ITN/Exemption field is optional, unless the total value of the parcel contents is more than AU $2,000. In that case, you'll need to supply an Export Declaration Number (EDN) to continue.

For more information about customs and export, please visit the following websites:

How to cancel a postage label

If you haven't used a postage label, you can cancel it within 5 days of creating and printing the label. If your cancellation request is approved, you'll receive a credit for postage and related charges.

To cancel an eBay postage label:

  1. Go to Manage postage labels - opens in new window or tab.
  2. Find the item you'd like to cancel the postage label for, then from the Actions column, select More actions, and then select Cancel postage label.
  3. Choose your reason for cancelling the label. If you want to, you can add a message for the buyer.
  4. Select Cancel postage label.

Remember that you may not use a label after it's been cancelled, or cancel a label after you've dropped the parcel off.

How to print a packing slip and order details

A packing slip is a receipt summarising the details of the sale. You can print one by choosing Print packing slip on the Manage postage labels - opens in new window or tab page.

You can also print out the full order details for the item. Here's how:

  1. Find the item in the Sold section of My eBay - opens in new window or tab or on the Orders tab of Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab.
  2. From the actions menu, select View order details.
  3. On the Order details page, select the printer version option, and print the page.

Printer-free postage labels

If you don't have a printer, you can schedule a Sendle pickup from home without a label. The eBay printer-free service is available to all sellers within Sendle's printer-free label pickup areas - opens in new window or tab.

To book a printer-free parcel pickup with Sendle:

  1. Go to your Sold items - opens in new window or tab in My eBay and select Print postage label from the drop-down actions menu.
  2. Select the No printer required option.
  3. Choose a collection date, make sure the collection address and contact phone number are correct, and enter any collection instructions.
  4. Select Purchase postage label.
  5. Get your item ready to go. Make sure you write all of this information clearly on the parcel:
    • Tracking code in the top right corner – a 7-digit Sendle parcel reference such as "S3NDL3R"
    • Buyer name & delivery address
    • Your address on the back
  6. Have the parcel ready for collection from 8am on the day of pickup. When the driver arrives, they'll identify the parcel based on the handwritten details, and attach the barcode sticker.

Buying an eBay postage label is quick and easy, and tracking is uploaded automatically.

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