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Tracking items you've sold

Uploading tracking details after you've sent an item lets both you and your buyer see where it is along its journey, all the way through to when it's been delivered.

When you upload tracking information you provide your buyer with more confidence that their item will reach them, as well as a better buying experience overall. You're also protecting yourself in case your buyer doesn't receive the item and opens an eBay Money Back Guarantee request.

You can add tracking details whether your item was bought by an eBay member or a Guest buyer.

How to add tracking details

Once you've sent your item, it's simple to add tracking details. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Sold section of My eBay.
  2. From More actions, select Add tracking number.
  3. On the Add/Edit/Delete Tracking Number page, enter the tracking details and the name of the carrier.
  4. Select Submit.

The buyer will then get an email with the order tracking details.

If you print Australia Post labels on eBay, the order tracking number is uploaded automatically.

International tracking

You can add tracking details for items you're sending internationally in exactly the same way as for domestic orders. Just remember, when creating your listing, choose a postal service or courier that provides international tracking, and make sure your postage price reflects this cost.

eBay postage insurance

As a seller, you're responsible for the safe delivery of your items to the buyer. So you might want to consider purchasing postage insurance, particularly for high value goods. Check with your postal carrier to find the best coverage.

You can include the cost of insurance in your postage rates, but you can't charge it as a separate cost.

You can add tracking details to an item you're sending domestically or internationally, whether it was bought by an eBay member or a guest buyer.

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