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  • Select the carrier, capacity, colour, and condition of your Motorola DROID to get the trending price of similar, recently sold phones. Make sure to include any extras such as cables, chargers, and carrying cases.

  • Selling your Motorola DROID on eBay is easy! Just describe your phone, upload a few photos, set your price, and choose a posting method. Your Motorola DROID will then be available to millions of prospective buyers.

  • Our convenient eBay fee calculator helps you determine how much you can make selling your Motorola DROID on eBay.

  • To delete the data on your Motorola DROID, tap Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. If you're including the SD card with your phone, delete its data using a PC or Mac before posting it. Make sure to backup your data first.

  • To unlock your Motorola DROID, contact your phone's mobile service provider and give your device's IMEI number. Find your IMEI number by typing *#06# on the keypad. Your mobile service provider will give you a SIM unlock code. You'll be prompted to input the unlock code when you insert a different SIM card into your phone.

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