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Welcome to Ancient Coins & Antiquities . My name is Danny, I’ve had a long and one would say an obsession with ancient coins, from Greek and Roman coins , through to coinage minted in the medieval period and beyond. My passion for coins started during a family road trip . We were traversing from one end of Australia to the other. On one interesting afternoon , we had stopped at a remote petrol station somewhere in outback Queensland .It was 1982 and decimal currency had been circulating for almost 2 decades. When my father returned to the car, I was handed a bag of pennies, a couple of shillings and some florins. The elderly gentlemen that owned the station could not convert pennies, shillings and florins into decimal currency. After apologising for not having any decimal currency my father excepted the pre-decimal currency, perhaps seeing an opportunity to keep me interested and perhaps quiet on this long trip. All coins and antiquities for sale are guaranteed Authentic for life!

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