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Welcome to a wonderful eclectic collection of old and new collectables and memorabilia, vintage, retro, antique, kitsch, weird, unusual and unique. Fabulous jewellery, clothing, accessories, bags and vanity items, some from decades ago others more recent. Souvenirs and all sorts of finds, Music and man cave items, gifts and dress-ups. Each one loved by me or from family estates, brought together here for you to browse and maybe add to your treasures. Great Vintage, retro and pre-loved items are just wonderful to find and what's even better is that they're friendly to our planet because they're being re-cycled, re-used and re-loved - Great reasons to buy pre-owned! There’s always deals across the store & we offer free postage for any order of any 3 or more items purchased together storewide, pack with care and be open to questions. If you like what you see Follow us on EBAY for specials and offers. Happy treasure hunting!

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