About Blink 182

What's My Age Again? and All the Small Things are two of Blink-182's chart topping hits. They've sold over 40 million albums since their start in 1992. The California pop-punk trio consists of bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, and ├╝ber-tatted (and talented) Travis Barker. Travis wasn't the original Blink-182 drummer. That title belonged to Scott Raynor, who was asked to leave before the band hit it big. The name Blink-182 seemly came out of nowhere. They were originally named Duck Tape until DeLonge came up with the name "Blink". The name stuck till around the mid-1990s, when an Irish techno band with a similar name threatened legal action. The band added the prefix "-182" to the tail end of their name to avoid a long legal drama. There was no rhyme or reason behind the choice; it was simply expedient. In 1999, Blink-182 hit it big with the release of Enema of the State. The album spawned such hits as What's My Age Again?, All the Small Things, and Adam's Song. Some may remember All the Small Things, which video-parodied boy bands and pop music videos. The video landed a Moon Man for Best Group Video at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. Despite all of their success, in 2005 the band decided it was time for an "indefinite hiatus". In 2009, Blink-182 announced on the band's website that they were working on new material and planned to begin touring again. They've yet to look back, and with many more hits ready to launch.