About Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel may not have been a worldwide sensation, but their legacy cannot be denied. The band whose start began in 1973 may have provided a bit of controversy with their lyrics, but people began to take notice, and by 1980, they were at the top of the charts. The antics of Cold Chisel were almost as talked about as their music, and the band members’ sexual conquests and drinking much discussed among fans and critics. Cold Chisel did go on to win some awards, and even was the top selling act in Australia, but for some reason, their success didn’t seem to go global. The band’s arguments and internal problems continued to plague them, and by 1983, Cold Chisel had broken up. They got back together in the late 90’s for a reunion tour, which was met with a great reception, and the album released went straight to the top of the charts. Though they had planned another album, after the death of drummer Steve Prestwich, those plans didn’t materialize for a number of years, finally being produced in 2012. Fans enjoy the last recordings made by Steve Prestwich on the album called No Plans. The band has toured again, and gotten back into the scene with awards and plans to keep it together. The rock band Cold Chisel is still one of the top selling acts in Australia, and fans like the songs that discuss life as only Aussies know about it. Cold Chisel sold out most of their concerts, and was known as being an amazing live band, even in later years.