15 Amazing Health Benefits of Trampolines

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The latest Australian and international medical research reveals the amazing array of health benefits that can accrue from the regular use of a trampoline. We’ve listed below 15 health reasons that are guaranteed to get Australian families away from their TV and computer screens and jumping for joy:

1.  Don’t take our word for it – listen to those clever scientists at NASA who, in recent research, concluded that the health benefits of trampolines significantly outweigh the benefits of running

2.  These health benefits include obesity prevention - currently a big topic in Australia - and weight loss; by burning calories which, according to NASA, can be done 15% more efficiently using a trampoline than by running

3.  Australia has one of the most rapidly ageing populations in the world. As we get older, our heart and muscles lose their strength, our bone density lessens, and our lung capacity shrinks . . . if we choose to do nothing about it, that is. The good news is that regular exercise on a trampoline is proven to be an effective weapon against the ageing process and, in many cases, leaves us stronger, fitter and with greater stamina than before we ever set foot on a trampoline

4.  The potential spinoffs from using a trampoline on our cardiovascular system are almost incalculable: increased blood flow leading to lower cholesterol; a higher number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells leading to lower blood pressure; and increased heart strength and efficiency, which lessen the likelihood of heart disease, a major health issue in Australia

5.  The lymphatic system is the body’s very own waste-disposal unit – expelling fats, toxins and even cancer cells – the more it removes, the healthier we are. It is thought the action of jumping on a trampoline literally ‘squeezes’ the poisons out of our lymphatic system. And because using a trampoline gets our lymph glands working more than ten times faster than normal, trampolines can help our bodies become no-go zones for a whole range of fats, poisons and cancers – thus providing an effective means of fighting one of the most high-profile diseases in Australia

6.  The gentle action of the trampoline – and the weightlessness achieved at the height of each bounce – can, in some cases, be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of ailments common amongst Australians, such headaches, joint and back pain and arthritis – the latter affecting 1 in 7 of Australians

7.  The action of using a trampoline helps to strengthen the tendons, ligaments and muscles around the joints, thus easing the pressure on the joints themselves by giving them an effective means of being able to spread the load

8.  The increased blood flow to the brain and greater enzyme activity that result from using a trampoline are thought to heighten mental alertness and to promote faster reaction times, enhanced vision and improved balance – thereby countering the ‘greying’ of Australia’s grey matter, so to speak!

9.  The increased muscle strength which is associated with the regular use of a trampoline, particularly in the areas of the back and the stomach, means our muscles are better able to support the spine which, in turn, can help to prevent - and even reverse - conditions commonly associated with poor posture – a problem which is prevalent in modern-day Australia

10.  The increased body strength – particularly in the calf muscles and legs – that results from trampoline use can help to promote a healthy heart by enabling it to spread the load and ‘delegate’ some of the work it does to the rest of the body

11.  Regular trampoline use has been shown to improve both upper- and lower-body strength without the wear and tear that is associated with weights – providing Australians with a healthy alternative to weight training

12.  The use of a trampoline can also be a medication-free way to address sleep disorders, which currently affect 1 in 20 Australians

13.  Scientific studies have recently proven that exercise, such as using a trampoline, can completely cure type-two diabetes, the sixth-highest cause of death by disease in Australia. The longer you ‘keep with the program’, the higher your chances of success. The ‘fun factor’ involved in using a trampoline maximises your chances of making healthy changes for the long term

14.  Although we associate trampolines with long hot Australian summers, a trampoline is as much for the Australian winter as it is for summer – with the warmth you generate on the inside more than compensating for the cold on the outside. Trampolines are a great way to ensure year-round fitness – proof that outdoor sports don’t need to finish when summer comes to an end. And because it’s now widely recognised that Australians don’t get enough exposure to the sun, using a trampoline can be an efficient, low-risk way of topping up on Vitamin D during the Australian winter

15.  Finally, regular trampoline use can improve motor skills, coordination and balance. These are important attributes for Australian children to develop – and for their parents to maintain if they wish to stay young at heart!

Thanks to modern science, we’re now more aware than ever of the physical and mental head start in life that the investment in a trampoline can provide for the next generation of Australians whilst, at the same time, helping their parents to stay young in both mind and body.

Who really wants to run 1.7km anyway, when 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline in your own backyard can provide you with all the same health benefits!

No Australian backyard is complete without a trampoline, and advances in technology of the past decade now mean that the Australian trampolines of our parents’ generation have been replaced by ultra-safe, high-tech, high-performance models that, in real terms, are far more affordable than ever before.

A trampoline also provides Australian families with a healthy focal point to rival the TV and computer – strengthening family bonds, promoting health and wellbeing, and providing us all with a great-value, safe, modern source of good-old-fashioned fun.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose . . . except, perhaps, for a few unwanted kilos!

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Important note: the above health benefits associated with trampolines draw both international and Australian studies and are intended as general information only – in no way should they be interpreted as health advice, and in no way can we guarantee that they are right for your circumstances. If you suffer from any medical condition, please seek and adhere to the advice of your medical practitioner before deciding whether to purchase or use a trampoline

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