2. Making the rosette flag and attaching to browband

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Continuing on from my browband Rosette making Guide. Here are the instructions for making the flag and preparing to to be attached to the browband.

1. Flags. Cover the back of some flat ribbon with double sided tape. Cut into strips slightly longer than the length required to cover front of flag. (See illustrations 8, 9 & 10). Fold the excess over the bottom of the flag and stick down.

2. Cut a length of fabric/duc tape and stick to the back of the flag. This will keep the ribbon in place and protect the back of the flag. Trim the excess tape off with sharp scissors.

3. Attach the flag to the browband. If using a webbing browband (see my guide on making a webbing browband), the flag can be easily sewn straight onto the browband. Use a ruler or other form of guide to help get the items straight, tack in place with double sided tape to stop it moving while you sew. If using a leather or vinyl browband you will need to cut two pieces of webbing or strong tape, attach to the very top of the flag section, thread through the browband loop and sew or glue into place.

These two pics below for attaching to leather browband:

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