A Guide to Creating Inbuilt Bookshelves

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How to Create Inbuilt Bookshelves

Most people face several challenges when trying to create enough space for storage, not just within their homes but also offices. Build up of clutter or inaccessibility of certain items within the house usually results from the items taking up space not meant for storage. The creation of inbuilt bookshelves can help solve this dilemma. These shelves are found online on eBay as well as stores offering services for home improvement.
The process of creating inbuilt bookshelves involves a simple project of home upgrading that can be done the DIY (do it yourself) way instead of hiring professional contractors. In order to simplify this task, homeowners must have the right knowledge needed to add extra space either in their homes or offices through the creation of DIY inbuilt bookshelves.


An Overview

The task of creating an inbuilt bookshelf is an easy endeavour, which only needs a little amount of time and some elbow grease. It ultimately requires a few days of time and the appropriate tools to complete the project.
Some people cannot devote enough time to do this kind of task, and some people cannot modify a space because they are renting; however, it’s possible to create the look of inbuilt bookshelves with regular store-bought bookshelves. By using this method, the time necessary to accomplish this task is reduced; furthermore, this technique is usually inexpensive. In fact, many people prefer this option since it saves them from purchasing the expensive tools used by contractors.


Creating the Desired Inbuilt Look

Creating the appearance of inbuilt bookshelves, or bookcases, is the first step. One must know the size of the existing space before embarking upon this project. For bigger spaces, build tall and wide bookshelves; for smaller spaces, build half-wall inbuilt shelves. The height and depth of the bookshelves is determined by the size of the space available and proportion of space devoted to living area versus storage, keep basic carpentry tools handy for this purpose.


Determining the Best Bookshelves

Inbuilt shelving is very versatile and perfect for generating additional storage space. Finding the right shape and style depends upon the preferences of the owner as well as what suits the room. Simple, unadorned bookshelves can be dressed up with decor, such as books, framed pictures, and figurines, or they can be painted or decorated using different materials and techniques. Designers use bookshelves to bring forth certain features of a room, such as a hearth. One particularly popular style is vintage bookshelves.


Proper Planning and Measuring

To obtain the appropriate shelves, one must accurately determine the measurements of the room. Constructing a number of bookshelves of the same height and design mounted next to each other is standard procedure. If there is more space horizontally than vertically, constructing several bookshelves next to each other is the ideal way of utilising this region. Conversely, if there is extra space vertically, but not horizontally, then this space is only utilised to the maximum by stacking multiple bookshelves.


Selection of the Right Bookshelf Types

People who need a lot of storage space should opt for bookshelves that reach to the ceiling, specifically bookshelves for high walls like the Parker tall bookshelf. They are designed for use in any location and have several finishes from which to select. Many people prefer using the Ikea Billy Bookshelf type for half and full wall inbuilt bookshelf as a way of utilising space in rooms with elevated, yet domed ceilings. The Ikea Expedit Bookshelf works well for bookcases intended for stacking.
The table below shows information on how to select the bookshelves that make the perfect inbuilt look.


Colour on the Wall

Proposed Bookshelf Colours


Very light colours like eggshell, ivory or white


Balancing colours such as pine or birch


Mahogony or other dark colours like espresso


How to Buy Bookshelves on eBay

eBay has a wide range of goods, including bookshelves that can be fashioned into inbuilt bookshelves, to suit nearly every customer’s taste and budget.To find an item, navigate to the eBay homepage and type a keyword into the search field. For example, searching for vintage bookshelves will provide numerous options, such as multi-coloured vintage bookshelves. Seek out specific designs or sizes by selecting parameters from the left hand menu. Shoppers may also utilise an advanced search to narrow results further.



Creating inbuilt bookshelves adds storage space while reducing clutter. Numerous techniques exist for creating this kind of shelving from raw materials; however, one of the simplest ways to devise the look of inbuilt shelves involves purchasing ready-made bookshelves and mounting them in such a way as to make appear as if they are inbuilt. With the right information, anyone can easily select the best bookshelf for creating an inbuilt appearance.

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