A Guide to HTML and eBay Descriptions

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HTML and eBay Descriptions

HTML. Don't know what it is? Well, its right here on this page and your reading it right now, but not in its pure form. HTML is what makes web pages. Web Pages aren't just simply created in Word by sticking a few things in and uploading them to the internet but writing HTML which means Hypertext Markup Language. It's sort of like english but uses <h1> and <title> things which are called tags and specify what the text does on a page. Is it big? Is it small? How did that image get there? Well this guide shows you the basic HTML formatting tags and a trick to save money when using images in your descriptions.

Basic Tags Quick List

This list is just a reference which you can visit anytime to enhance your descriptions:

Just go to www. justmatty .com /files /quicklist.html putting all the words together.


When on eBay and you want to put an item on with lots of pictures but just don't want to spend that kind of money per picture? This is the way to do it for free.

  1. Make sure that you have a web host which you can upload images to like photobucket dot com
  2. Get the URL of all the images you have uploaded
  3. When putting in your description down the bottom in HTML put:
    1. <p><img src="http://photo1url"></p>
    2. Continue this for every image replacing photo url with every different URL.
  4. When done preview the page and you will see all your pictures there absolutely free!
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