Actual postage cost must be included in invoice

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There's been an influx of traders selling cheap items on ebay only to make money out of postage and "handling".  This should not be tolerated on e-bay and e-bay must enforce that factual postage and handling cost, if being paid for by merchandisee be reflected on the invoice.   Insufficient or lack of postage reciept should be grounds for negative feedback.   (Items picked up on site are excempted).

How can the facts of postage be included?  During packaging and before actual shipment, a receipt of the cost of shipping and handling must be included in the package.

I have on one transaction, a merchandiser selling an 1 GB Sandisk SD card who refuse to sell the merchandise at the price won at e-bay and is charging me more than 50% of actual cost of shipping the item.   My postcode was just a bus ride away and I could have saved myself $18 in postage.  On another occation, the actual cost paid for on postage was less than half of what was charged for postage and handling on e-bay.
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