Add Functions To Your USB Flash Drive eg Bootup + Apps

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USB Flash Drive Keys: More Than Just Data Storage

You´re probably familiar with using USB Flash Drives for storing your presentations, images and music.  The U3 range of flash drives from SanDisk and Toshiba even allow you to carry some Windows applications together with data. 

What may surprise you is that it´s possible to install an entire Operating System, plus applications and store your data on mere 512MB USB Flash Drives.  So you ask: why would someone want to do this?

Here are some scenarios:

Grandad doesn´t know how to log in or use a computer but I´d like to give him my digital album.

Solution: a USB flash drive with your images that also boots up a PC and automatically runs a slideshow without requiring interaction.

For the ultimate security and trace-free customer experience, Internet Cafe owner John wants to run his computers without hard disks or any internal storage.

Solution: sell low-cost, low-capacity USB drives complete with Operating System and Web Browser

Business owner Liz wants her laptop to run with longer battery life, less weight and security encryption of confidential data.  She wants to minimise visibility when travelling internationally as customs have been inspecting and recording laptop contents.

Solution: a USB flash drive in non-conventional form such as jewelry, or picture frame that contains all software and data.  When travelling she leaves her laptop hard disk at home and uses the USB flash drive plus a backup.

Parents of 8 year old Teresa want to control her Internet browsing, at home, school and friends parties.

Solution: a USB flash drive pre-configured with a Web Browser that can view only those links that Teresa´s parents have placed on their family home page.

Simon is paranoid about the security of his Internet banking and would like a completely separate and secured setup just for Internet banking purposes.

Solution: bootup with USB flash drive that uses a read-only configuration and runs completely in RAM.  Once Internet banking is done he reboots the computer to do normal activities.

Almost all PC laptops and desktops that are less than 4 years old can be used with USB flash drives from SanDisk, Transcend, Toshiba, Verbatim and other genuine high quality manufacturers in this way.  Unfortunately the manufacturer does not provide them out-of-the-box complete with Operating System.

On eBay, the following sellers can add these functions for you.

Other sellers, please contact the author to add your link on this list. 

Here are some automatic searches on eBay for relevant products:

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