Always take a portable Stove when Hunting and Camping

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On the hunt, a way to stay well-nourished can be as important as a result by the end of the day. If you've got a full belly, it's much easier to enjoy a day in the field, with or without a result. A prepared hunter, by definition would likely have more success than those who are not prepared; in essence, a hunter with the right tools, from hunting apparel to camping stoves will be that much more able to address concerns as they come up in the field. In a pinch, it could be used as a survival tool to start a larger fire, or to keep your hands warm on a cold day. Most importantly, though, it will be the items like a portable cooking stove that makes the experience so enjoyable. Many hunters engage in hunting for the experience of it, and not necessarily for the more intrinsic benefits (like hunting for meat, etc.). Having an enjoyable experience with friends can often be what keeps a hunter at the game. For those who are more experienced or more intense in their hunting endeavors they realize the importance of staying well-fed and warm in the field. It might seem a mundane or less important accessory to the hunter, but generally speaking, it is the small and simple, seemingly unrelated items that can make all the difference on a hunt. 

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