Angel Aspirations

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 Find Your Angel Aspirations
Reach your goals by writing in a notebook.

Our aspirations ennoble us. Setting our sights on distant goals of
self-realization, creative self-expression or selfless service to
others, we often think, quite appropriately, in terms of an upward
movement-heavenwards. So long as we feel that angels are supporting
our worthiest ambitions, we have two reasons to feel good about our
prospects: first, because we know that angels are on our side,
encouraging us; and second, because we know that every step forward and
upward is giving divine pleasure.

- Keep an Angel Notebook -

Whether you have a particular goal (such as completing a course of
study) or a general aspiration toward self-development, keeping an
angel notebook will help you fulfill it.

Buy yourself a special diary or notebook-ideally, one that is a
pleasure to handle. You might like to customize it to make it personal
to your angel, or to your goal.

Before writing a word inside your new notebook, dedicate it to an angel
and call on their help as you set out to achieve your ambition. This
angel should be one whose attributes you find particularly inspiring,
such as Machidiel, who stands for action, creativity, and controlled
ambition; or Jophiel, whose chief attributes include illumination,
inspiration, and wisdom.

Make a note in your notebook of the progress you are making toward
achieving your goal, including any angel meditations you have followed
and any insights gained from them. Take heart from the support you are
receiving from your angel, in helping you through any difficult
patches, and guiding you to being a more fulfilled and balanced person.
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