Basic Clock Spring fitting Guide

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Installing a clock spring is best left to an auto electrician, but of you have the tools and are handy with vehicle maintenance, then it is possible to do yourself.  The level of difficulty could be described as 'Moderate"
Below is the basic / generic rough guide to installing a replacement ClockSpring.

Tools Required:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Spanner / socket set

How To:

1: Before you start, make sure front wheels of the car are aligned forward. Disconnect the negative from the battery. Wait for a few minutes until the reserve current is released from the system.
2: Remove bolts and / or screws that hold the steering wheel cover. Lift the cover up and remove it.
3: Find Air Bag and remove both side mounting bolts. Place the screws aside. Remove wiring of the air bag and remove the air bag from the wheel.
4: Using a spanner or socket driver set, remove the steering wheel retaining nut.
5: Find the steering wheel dampener - look for a rectangular component in the middle of the steering wheel. Take the dampener out of the assembly.
6: Remove the steering wheel.
7: Remove the clock spring and replace in position with your new air bag clockspring.
8: Bolt the steering wheel back on with the wheel nut.
9: Replace the air bag plus its wiring and the steering wheel dampener.
10: Replace nuts/bolts/screws of wheel cover.
11: Re-connect the battery cable.
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