Basic Turbo Charger Installation & Use Guidelines

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READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY OR Before You Install a Turbo Charger:
  • Ensure that the engine is in a normal running state. 
  • There should be smooth flow of exhaust through the catalytic converter and through airfilter (changing airfilter is recommended)
  • Change engine oil and oil filter to manufacturers specifications. Add oil to filter before installing if position of filter allows.
  • Check oil level and make sure is not too high or low.
  • IMPORTANT:  Make sure everything is clean as even small, soft objects can also cause serious damage to the turbo charger.
Turbo Charger Installation:
  • Remove old gaskets from connecting flanges - use only the new gaskets supplied – inspect for damage or any dirt or foreign objects on flanges, inside pipes and on gaskets.
  • Connect up flanges to pipes and turbo.
  • Make sure oil return pipe is free from obstruction, damage or spills.
  • Pre-lube turbo by pouring clean engine oil into the hole and turning the compressor impeller several times, and once the turbo charger bearings are lubed with turns, add more oil to fill the hole and connect the oil pipes.
Start engine and run at idle for 5 minutes to allow oil to circulate
Check all connections and sealing to make sure there are no oil or air leaks.
  • Change oil, oil filter and air filter regularly – at least as early as recommended by manufacturer.
  • Allow engine to warm up after starting before applying load to engine
  • Allow a couple of minutes of engine running before turning engine off or install a turbo timer to do same thing automatically.
  • Check radial and axial clearance of turbo – if too large, replace turbo or repair with Kit.
Reasons for off-axis Problems:
  • Low oil pressure
  • Oil blockage or oil impurities
  • Resonance in engine intake system during rapid acceleration or sudden deceleration
  • Excessive Injection of fuel leading to high exhaust gas temperature and excessive speed in turbine
  • Air intake negative pressure is too high
Obviously this isn't a comprehensive list, but gives you some idea.

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